National Prize for Eleme Language 2015

Entries are invited for the National Prize for Eleme Language 2015. The yearly Eleme Language Prize is endowed by MPIOO ELEME to honour authors of published or unpublished books in Eleme Language.
The Prize will rotate amongst the literary genres of Prose, Fiction, Drama, and Children‘s Literature. This year, the competition is Prose.
The competition is open only to published or unpublished books by Eleme indigenous writers resident in Eleme. It carries a Prize of N100, 000.00. Two other writers may also be accorded honorable meritoriousness.
Submission Procedure
Six copies of the entries should be submitted by the author, in accordance with the genre in competition. Only published or unpublished books written by authors of Eleme origin and resident in Eleme are allowed to compete.
Residency in Eleme will be defined as a minimum of three of the four years covered by the competition. The aims include:
1. To promote and improve the Eleme Language value chain;
2. To ensure that winning books are available to local audience; and
3. To ensure that Eleme Language activities from writing to publishing are enhanced as a result of this competition.
Published or unpublished books should be submitted to the Secretary, Mpioo Eleme, SPDC/GMOU Eleme Cluster Development Board Office, Location Road, Obolo, Ebubu, Eleme, P. O. Box 517, Nchia Eleme between the hours of 9am and 3pm; or, by the stipulated deadline. Failure to meet the stated conditions will lead to disqualification of the entry.
This being an annual competition, the copyright on published works submitted must be either current or previous three year’s date. Complete contact information, including full postal address and/or e-mail as well as statement of verifiable residency status in the last three years (2012-2015, both years inclusive), should accompany each submission.
An author in any competition will enter only one published or unpublished book. Manuscripts will be considered, provided they are written in Eleme Language. *The Prize will be awarded for no other reason than excellence.
Appointment of Judges
1. A panel oF judges will be selected for the National Prize for Eleme Language.
2. The appointment of judges will be done in a way that reflects and represents the genre of the competition and dual dialects of the Eleme Language. Persons appointed as judges are those who have wide experience, public recognition, good public image, and command respect in and outside Eleme.
3. The decision of the judges shall be final.
Calendar for Prize Administration
*Close of entries (deadline) – October 1, 2015. Late entries will not be entertained.
* Announcement of Winners will be at the Prestigious Eleme Annual Luminance Lecture and Award Ceremony.
All entries should be sent to: The Secretary, Mpioo Eleme, SPDC/GMOU Eleme Cluster Development Board Office, Location Road, Obolo, Ebubu, P. O. Box 517, Nchia Eleme. Tel.: 08036694027 E-mail:


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